Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Au Revoir Soeur Evans

Today I spent the day with my little sister McKay and my mom, just before she enters the Missionary Training Center (MTC) tomorrow. She will be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Port Vila Vanuatu Mission--New Caledonia Region, speaking French, for the next 18 Months.

We are so excited for her, but of course are going to miss her immensely. This is my first family member serving a mission, so I'm a newbie at this, even though I actually talk to missionaries every day for work. Any suggestions from you more experienced out there? I couldn't be more proud of my little sister for making this decision, and for her faithfulness, her spirit and her diligence. She is a truly amazing young woman. 

I had the chance to go to the temple with her today! What a cool experience. Words don't really describe the temple. I am so grateful to be able to go to them so frequently--it's a blessing about living in Utah that we have so many nearby. I'll try not to take that for granted.

We shopped around and tonight went to dinner. We missed our Dad a lot, and wish he could have been there too. Since McKay already speaks French pretty well, her date to report was changed, and Dad's big meeting at work was well, the same day as her report date.

This is probably my favorite Thai place in Provo/Orem. The lemongrass soup (Tom Kai Ka?) is the BEST! 

From dinner in Maryland at Christmas. 

After dinner, we celebrated Mum's birthday! Yay January 28 :) a major celebration--we had shortbread chocolate pudding pie ( I woke up at 6 am this morning to make it. I guess I do love them after all ;).

And then proceeded the after-dinner laughter and rumble-glomming on the sofa as per usual. We also enjoyed a fashion show by Jared, tales of how mom can sell ANYTHING and Haley ALMOST....crossing the line. And of course lots of pictures. Most of which I would be lynched for publicly displaying, so here are the best ones.

This was going to be a picture of just H and M, but J jumped in with that lamp at the perfect moment--this picture is purely candid.

Sweet sisters. 

M to H: "let's laugh at each other!" H to Me: "Why do you ALWAYS zoom in so much?!"

"Let's all look at McKay!"


These boots are made for walking.