Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One post for all of January.

Tonight I am feeling nostalgic and decided to give myself some homework. At the library. Because no one does homework at home. This blog has been shamefully neglected for the last # months and for that I apologize to the loyal followers, however few they may be.

Today Jared sent me a text that said, "I have a great idea, we should compose a newsletter type of document with pictures and send it to everyone in the family." Great idea! But to save on postage, here you go. I mean, you're welcome.

Our first Christmas tree!

No Christmas is complete without sugar cookies. 

Oh hey cat, you should be so jealous. I got all the spoils this year, and you got left under the tree. 

Sitting by the loot. And these paintings are direct from the streets of Italy, courtesy our wonderful Kim. 

Christmas morning, I made these. New tradition. 

Time to build a snow fort. 

Half way done. 

Upside down, but I am totally inside that fort! 

Hahaha Jared can't even find me. In the end it was big enough that we could both fit inside.
I am the MASTER fort builder. 

So, we had Christmas. It was wonderful. I got a Kitchenaid from my fantabulous in-laws. And it's spicy red, my favorite accent color in the kitchen. We also got another set of cloth napkins. Our collection now contains four different sets of napkins. Cloth napkins are the new sliced bread, they save on waste, look very much classier than paper, and you can fold them into all sorts of fun shapes. Friends, take note, next time we have a chance to give you a present, it will probably be napkins. Or a bar of soap.

Christmas break brought an adventure to Idaho. This may not sound so exciting, I mean, it's Idaho after all, but wait until you see the pictures! We went snowmobiling, and let me tell you, so humbly, that I rock at it. I almost succeeded in dumping Jared once or twice, as we were riding tandem. Be warned that the sweet Jared that all of you know and love, also has a little revenge streak. He white washed me as soon as we got back to the house. I became the absolute favorite cousin because, thanks to Chicago winters, I love romping in the snow, and J and I had a blast building forts and burying the kiddies up to their necks in snow. Jared even remembered how much he loves playing with dogs, when a neighborhood tramp (like the Disney movie) came rambling over and played chase with all of us simultaneously.

Evans family, picture Jared running in and out of rooms of your old apartment while playing Dice-capades and being chased by Kiva and Opi. It was kind of like that, except this dog kept knocking him over into the snow. Hilarity *100.

After Christmas break we discovered our new FAVORITE pastime. You know how when you go to meet n greet activities, or someone is just meeting you for the first time, they often ask, "What's your favorite hobby, what do you do for fun etc etc." The old standby was saying"I read for fun.", while pushing glasses up bridge of nose. Now I can happily say I have a new hobby. And it is COOL. Literally.

Snowshoeing. Jared and I have now gone three times. We organized a ward activity up at Big Springs park up Provo Canyon, and 44 people went and got to share our new found joy. The first time we went was with our bishop and his awesome wife. They are trail-blazers, as you can see from the MOUNTAINS we climbed. On MLK Jr day, Jared and I had the best time, for 3 hours, wandering around the mountains and woods, not really knowing where we were going, but knowing that as long as we went down we could find our way back to the car. I'm kicking myself that we didn't take our camera with us that last time, for the scenery was honestly breathtaking. It is occasions such as those that I remember what I do like about living in Utah, and I ought to try harder to have more such experiences, it will make living here another year more bearable. It is the constant grey inversions that cause such a gloomy stupor to cloud my otherwise cheerful disposition. Oh yeah, and hormone drugs will do that too. More on that, never.

There is a grave in this cake and everything!
My mom turned 29 :) . My father in law celebrated his 50th Birthday, and the Ravens won the SUPERBOWL!! (sadly for him, his team was not the winner. Birthday wish fail.) Finally, the team I was cheering for pulled it off. The last time I was so emotionally invested in a televised sporting event was when the Bears played the Colts in Superbowl XLI and we were destroyed. I haven't been able to swear allegiance to another team since then.

End of January.

Queue "I'm on Top of the World"

Starting February

Happy 1.5 years to us. This anniversary went unnoticed other than a typical night making puppy chow and watching a movie.

I treasure my husband for gratning with my wishes to watch old favorite movies, and trusting me enough to watch them with me.

Here is the tally thus far:
Anne of Green Gables, just as good as ever. Better now that I'm old enough to understand the humor.
Lion King 2, Simba's Pride, not enjoyable over the age of 12, and that might be pushing it.
Iron Will, amazing. I think I cried. Jared said this movie is good because it has a lot of action. The kid beats up a humongous Russian! He wanted to make sure that his viewpoint is shared too.
Treasure Planet. Still good, the best part is the 4D book that reads to you at the beginning of the movie. And Jared wants one of those flying hoverboards.
Luckily, Jared is pretty game for anything, but I don't think I'll ever convince him to watch this one. A timeless classic.

Two new animated favorites, that you can consider highly recommended by both of us: How to Train Your Dragon, and The Lorax. The first of these featured a lot of snort laughing and chortles from me, and a few great HA!'s from Jared. The lines are clever and the plot well thought. The latter engrossed Jared so much while I was cutting his hair one night, that I swear I could have given him a fauxhawk and he wouldn't have even noticed. Now I am wishing I had.

President's day weekend I got to go to my favorite middle sister's swim meet. She totally rocked every event, and even qualified for Nationals in the 50 y backstroke. That girl has got some guns!

**Note to reader, I just tried uploading some pictures, and the uploader tool said, "Catastrophic Failure." YIKES! Try again later**