Friday, June 13, 2014



Seriously. I am hungry. All. The. Time.

Right now, it is 8:40 am. I already finished off a yogurt, a peach and my pbj sandwich I was supposed to be saving for lunch.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Since I've Been Mum

Now I'm going to be a MUM!!

 In case you missed my belated social media update last week-- I'm preggers. 20 weeks this week even. So Jared and I of course had to plan something clever and amazing for our "gender reveal". It's all the rage these days--I searched pinterest for hours. Shameful I know. In the end, I think we figured out something pretty good, and it didn't involve cake. 

We made a terrible video, which I didn't edit, so here you have candid Holloway (mostly me) in raw form. As soon as I cut the film, I said out loud, "That was really dumb." Jared just kept shaking his head and laughing at me the rest of the night. Watch the video, and you'll know why.

We have had a big roller coaster of emotions going on at our house surrounding the news that we were expecting. We found out the same day we found out that Jared got into Dental school. I collapsed on the floor at the end of the day from too much news.

 I know that everyone says this, but truly, the timing of the news, the timing of the due date, the timing of "am I SERIOUSLY ready for this!?" put me in a constant state of anxiety for about 3 months. Fortunately I didn't have to battle too much nausea and I only once ended up on the bathroom floor wanting to puke my guts out cause I knew that would make me feel better. I never did. Although I couldn't stand the smell of our fridge or avocados for a few weeks. Oh, I also couldn't stand the smell of Jared. No joke. He was so sad. 

I did once or twice have to crawl under my desk at work and assume the fetal position, not to mention that I wanted to, and could, fall asleep just about anywhere until week 13. I don't really like dessert any more, and haven't had a craving for chocolate in the longest time--for me, this is not normal. I am starting to enjoy it more as time goes on, but for those first months, all I wanted to eat was fruity, potatoes and fried food. I felt like I didn't know who I was anymore. Pregnancy is WEIRD.

But listen, ultrasounds, those are the coolest. The feeling of true, genuine excitement, that I had been waiting for, came when we got to see that baby, our baby, for the first time. All I kept thinking was, "wow, look the spine! It's curved so perfectly! That's the heart, it's beating! Look at those legs, and those arms--no wonder it feels like a little drum is beating on my bladder all the time." When they came to the face of our baby, I shuddered a little bit--unfortunately, ultrasounds (at least the one we did) did not show any features, so baby's face was an image of the skull. Creepy. I showed the picture to my sister and she told me we were having a little demon. Hopefully another 20 weeks of "cooking" will improve the outcome. (it's funny cause at the very beginning of the pregnancy I kept calling the baby Gollum--because of the way it messed with my body--demon baby indeed).

So now things are good, I'm feeling so much better, Jared and I are excitedly picking out names--it's funny (and awesome) to me how strongly he feels about some of the names that come up.We have finally shared our exciting news. And it is exciting. I am excited. I'm still anxious, but on a more manageable level. We have a lot gong on in the next few weeks: Jared and I are going to Quebec for a last hoorah-family-extravaganza-vacation-just-the-two-of-us, we have 2 family reunions, and in August, we move to Chicago. **Queue Hallelujah chorus** I haven't bought any baby clothes yet, and some people have told me I'm crazy for waiting. This little guy is joining our family during what I am expecting to be a FRIGID Chicago fall--I'd rather wait and get lots of cute sweaters when they come out in season. But there's me being practical.