Friday, July 19, 2013

Green Monsters

Have you ever been bitten by the green monster? You know the one I'm talking about. Not these guys:
I mean that green monster of jealousy that oozes into your blood stream and sets things simmering below the surface so that it festers like a wound.

Like when your co-worker gets three presents from clients and they all turn out to be chocolate.
Or when your friends move away.
Or when there's so many fun things to do at night and your husband has work at 3 am and has to go to bed at 8. Lame sauce.

In those cases our conversations go like this: "Hi honey I'm home! How was your day? What do you want for dinner? "
He replies: "......I'm going to bed in 1.5 hours."
Okay, so caffeine? So you can stay up and play with me?

Or other times, when your sisters have a birthday and you don't get anything! Which is so unfair right?

Or when your family members go out of town on a super cool vacation and leave you behind, even though you're a grown up and supposed to be above all that jealousy stuff.

Or when you get a text like this:

"Look who got to play with 7 puppies at clinical today."

Happy for you Hales, but I'm never going to admit it. Carry on.


  1. hahah this was a very timely post in my life as I have been watching BOTH my sister and brother post pictures of them in MY mission. ummmmm yea. so happy for you guys. looks like youre having so much fun.

    I've been bffs with the green monster lately

  2. Time to slay the green Monster...:)