Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I remembered that I have this blog...

Last weekend was general conference. And of course in all things worthwhile, like telling you all about it/what we did/how much I loved it, I am behind.

Here's some pics. (great grammar right? I love being out of school. not...)

Jared and I went on a hike. I have to say, I am going to miss this being 5 minutes away from our apartment. Granted, we still have no idea where we will be in 6 months from now. Even less really, Jared graduates in April and after that it's really FREEDOM to find what/where we want to want to go/do.

Haley and McKay came down for the weekend and we worked on our Halloween race day costumes. Did I mention that we are all running a half marathon on the 26th October? Did I also mention that I am the only one training? Did I also mention that although I really want to just relax and enjoy the race/run/jog/walk plus donut eating, apple bobbing, cemetary wandering adventure day, I also kind of want to do well--as in finish with a good time. The only problem with that being that I will likely run the whole race myself, which completely ruins the point of my family FINALLY doing a race with me.

I guess I'll just need to calm myself down and enjoy. Maybe I'll take a camera--that way I'll have something to do to prevent me from running ahead of them all.

Work is changing. After almost 2 years of arranging travel and getting visas for Taiwan, Russia, Cambodia, the Baltics and Bulgaria, I am switching missions. I have been anxious for more work to do for awhile now, I was feeling like I had accomplished everything I could and I mentioned to my super that I'd like some extra responsibility. Now, I am doing visas/travel for BRAZIL. You know that country. The infamous Brazil. Infamous for being extremely complicated to get religious visas for missionaries.

My workload has tripled. I guess you get what you ask for (and pray for). But guess what!? I am absolutely loving it. I'm excited for this new challenge for my intellect and my organizational skills. This is certainly a change for the better.

Also I got a haircut the other day. So here's the weird thing about me and my hair. I have always wanted to get some edgy/sassy new do. Jared insists that I keep it long. In all aspects of my life I accept and acknowledge my own decision making skills and prefer to do the choosing.

Except when it comes to my hair. I have to let other people tell me what to do. I don't know why.

Problem? Yes, likely. So I got my hair cut, and it looks exactly the same as before, just a few inches taken off the bottom for health. My stylist, Sydney, recognized me when I went in, "It's been a long time since I've seen you."

"Yes, it's been about 7 months." I said. Haircut ensued. End of visit: "NEVER WAIT 7 MONTHS TO CUT YOUR HAIR AGAIN! You should come in every 12 weeks to keep your hair healthy." "Okay" I said. Then as I left i snickered to myself, "hahah it's actually been 10 months since my last haircut. BOOM!"

As if that really got her. Why is that a win? I really couldn't say. I guess I felt like I was beating the system.

This might be one of my new favorite places. Look at those gorgeous rocks. It was so peaceful here. And Quiet and cool and next to running water. BEAUTIFUL. 
I love slate. The colors are fab. I told Jared about a slate entryway we had in our old house in Naperville.  I really loved the way the stone looked. 

Rose quartz and a yellow leaf. I'm sure J thinks I'm crazy cause I took SO MANY pictures of rocks...even though we went hiking to look at the fall leaves. 

Fall colors. The reason for our hike. 

Getting ready for conference and crafting!

Haley is the Art Boss. 

Two of the finished products. Come back later for race day pics. 

Painting and conference. What could be better? Look at those works of ART!


  1. I am so stoked to see race pictures! And what IS it with all these Evanses (see also: Beth and Jonathan) running and training??

  2. haha Camille just had the same thought! This looks so fun Alex! I'm so jealous of all the fall colors. Did your husband by chance apply for the school here in Charleston? Because that would be awesome, just sayin :)

  3. Gosh I love this. Beautiful fall colors and some of favorite faces. And those shirts look so awesome! You Evanses will do so well with your race!

  4. Where did you guys go on a hike? That looks so pretty! Is Jared running the half with you too?

  5. All: Jared is actually going to do this race with me/us. I say race rather than "running" because well, Jared ran 4.5 miles with me this weekend. and that is the extent of his's going to just be fun.

    T: We went hiking in Slate Canyon. Come with next time, yes?

    Nat: No fall colors in South Carolina? Is it just too warm there? I wonder what that would be like. We didn't apply to school there. The closest we would be is either Baltimore or Ft. Lauderdale. ROADTRIP!!!

    Beth: You Evanses are going to do so well on YOUR race! Especially since you are really training. I'm proud of you.

    Camille: Hop on the bandwagon. It's wonderful. Also you are darling.