Sunday, March 22, 2015

When life hands you yellow, and it isn't lemons...

Last weekend was the annual dying of the river in Chicago for St. Paddy's day. We went with our awesome friends to see it and it was so cool. Pictures do it more justice than words, so imagine all of the Chicahgo streets filled with people in green and then... 

On the Train with our good friends

Yay Chicago! 

Green River

Getting tired. 

The dads and their sleeping sons (yes, Bruce fell asleep like that…)

This week it was 70 degrees on Monday! And today it snowed. Ugh. I ran outside 4 times this week, and each time I went over 5 miles. I'm feeling happy about that. Bruce came with, and he sure loves it outside. Although, let me tell you what, running with a stroller is like running with an open umbrella, a heavy one. It's twice as hard to get anywhere and I relish the day when Jared can baby-sit for me so I can do a real run and use both arms. I only get to use one arm these days since I have to push the stroller. It's a little difficult. 

Baby Vogue. Loving that warm day. 

I am also going to classes at the YMCA--there is a weight lifting/cardio class that rocks--BODYPUMP, and I'm so sore today from my workout yesterday. We talked in church today about the GC talk about going with confidence before the Lord, and how we should take responsibility for our spirituality and for our physical well being. I'm working on both and feeling better every day because of it. The Lord Truly inspires his prophets and apostles--looking forward to general conference in a few weeks! 

ugh, he's just so cute I have no words

Today was a parenting adventure. Jared was sick so I took Bruce by myself to church. I got there a bit late, and Bruce had poo'd on the way, but I didn't think it would be too bad and I really wanted to take the sacrament. So I went in and sat down. After partaking of the bread, I noticed that my leg felt a little wet, and I looked down and Bruce's pants had a big ol wet spot on them, so off I ran to the mother's room and whisked those pants right off. Sure enough, inside was a nice big puddle of yellow baby poop. It's very runny since he's still only on breast milk. Unfortunately, it also got on his onesie. And I forgot a change of clothes! So I cleaned him off (it took a million wipes) and took off all his clothes. Luckily, I had put him in a vest before church. So, all he had left to wear was a vest and a diaper…and one sock (the other one got poop on it). He looked ridiculous. I made several Magic Mike references to a friend. And as I stood there, wondering if I should just go home, some of the other moms came in and offered us various articles of clothing. Some were too small, and the others were tights for girls, but one lady had a pair of extra pants. They were very large, but I was so grateful for her kindness in lending them to me. It was so nice to be able to stay at church, and to have people tell me, no, don't go! You just got here! I felt very loved and very grateful. 
Life is an adventure, and it can be hard and dreary and sometimes full of crap (literally). But, if you take a second to pause, there will be people and things put in your way that will help you get through it, and come out on top. I was feeling pretty defeated--I mean, my skirt was all poo-ey and my son was naked. But the Lord answered my unspoken prayer and sent me friends to help me feel better about it all. 

Hahahaha mom
I made you clean my poo

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  1. You are a better woman than I! I imagine I would not have reacted with as much class and positivity as you did :)