Monday, May 6, 2013

Already May

I have been getting into lots of trouble recently for not updating my blog. Ever. 

Please note: my personal computer just really isn't working great, and I have been trying to shop for a new one. However, shopping online for new computers, on a computer that doesn't want to work, usually gets me no where fast, so that search has been going on since February.

To justify spending the money on a new computer below is a list of other things besides this blog that require a new computer: 

I have a new business plan in the work
I have book to write
I need to use email/facebook to communicate with the women in my ward as part of my new calling
Jared needs my help with dental applications this summer, < 1 month away
TV shows while I ride my bike on my new wind trainer :).
Register for Bear Lake Brawl and other triathlons and races this summer
Email and skype my friends who live far far away.
More ideas and stitches for my embroidering phase/craft projects
Do something awesome with all the pictures on my camera.

Did I mention my family? I need to be able to skype with them's too, since it will be Christmas by the time I go home again.

For now here is shout out to all our homies, groupies, fans, enemies, old neighbors, friends, study buddies, running buddies and gang members across the world!

 Miss you lots, look for more updates soon!

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