Monday, May 27, 2013

The Spice of Life

Who wants to know what has been happing in the life of the Holloway's recently?

**pause for raise of hands...

Jared has been unreachable these last few weeks, since he was so busy prepping for the upcoming DAT exam. Occasionally he'd holler at me from the den about how many apples Nancy has now, if Polly increased her ratio of oranges to apples by 3/4, and Nancy has a 2/3 ration of oranges to apples. Or something like that (quantitative reasoning). Anyways, I'd grab up a pen and scribble on paper all that I needed to know, then set about solving the problem. After coming up with an answer, I'd holler it back at Jared, whereupon, he'd come walking out of the den, scratching his head and asking, "What? That's right. How did you do that?"

Jared dear, God gave me the answer so you'd pay attention to me. Also, I'm a genius.

No, not really. But going over those questions helped him understand the "reasoning" of the problems, and boosted my confidence since clearly my entire brain has not yet turned to mush from lack of use.

The best part is now,  Jared has finally finished the DAT! After one solid month of 12 hour study days, after an endless of supply of wife-made PBJ's, and after bringing home 20 additional library books, he can rest. All his hard work has paid off, and with the score he got, we will definitely be applying to several schools in the next few weeks. We are thinking about five schools which we should have a reasonable chance of getting into.

We celebrated with Star Trek last night, and home made peach crisp for breakfast this morning. It's mostly peaches anyways, so not too unhealthy right?

(side note: ST was incredible, and if you have not seen it yet, or if you disagree with me, I might rip off your bangs)

This next week Jared is taking a trip to Billings, MT to shadow his uncle and several other dentists at the same office and to rack up those shadowing hours. It will be a special experience, since J will be exposed to dentistry for 12 hours a day. I think he will learn a lot and I can't wait to hear the stories when he gets back.

I am going to keep myself busy with exercise, working on my book, and cleaning the apartment.
I plan to deep clean the entire place, and live off cereal, as well as canned and frozen goods so I don't have to go to the store. If I make anything blog worthy, I'll post it, although the likelihood of this happening in slim. Food just is not my priority this week. My co-workers were joking with me that they would come into the office each morning and find that I'd been camping overnight, since there is no reason for me to go home this week with Jared gone, and since my commute is so long. I guess it's something to I could never stay in the office that long. I'd feel like I was suffocating--I need fresh air!
our little basil plants :)

You know what else needs fresh air? Plants. Jared bought me a window box herb garden for mother's day, and 4 days ago I noticed a tiny little green speck--our basil is coming up!!

On Friday, I had the BEST phone run with Rachael. When she lived in Utah we used to run together, and now that she lives in VA, we found a new way to continue our runs. We call each other up, put in head phones with speakers, and off we run. She in her neighborhood, and I in the Memorial Grove canyon of Salt Lake. It is such a treat to have such a great friend!

 I'm looking forward to having some fun with Jared now that he is done with that confounded test. Good thing tomorrow is Memorial day! Stay tuned for photos.

Here is what we made on Friday to prep Jared for the DAT.

Gluten free cheesy bread and turkey Ragu (a red sauce with meat).

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