Thursday, June 6, 2013

Buffalo heat

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Last night was Buffalo night at the Holloway house. University of Buffalo ranks as a top contender for dental school for us. Of course, we are only just in the beginning stages of applications, but still--you have to have dreams. I figured, on the chance that we get in there, we (meaning I) will have to learn to like Buffalo sauce. Buffalo wings were invented there, and in fact, locals just call them chicken wings. Calling them Buffalo wings brands you as an out-of-towner.

For dinner, we made Buffalo roasted cauliflower and Buffalo bleu cheese chicken pizza. Talk about a lot of Buffalo sauce--we went through 3/4 of a bottle of Franks buffalo sauce during this one meal. The pizza was delicious, but unfortunately, I made the roasted cauliflower wrong, so they were so hot and buffalo-y that we could barely eat them. It was fun  to try something new though, and we will have to make them again--the right way this time. Haley made them for us once during General Conference and they were delicious.

Jared has been devoted to shadowing and the dental school applications over the last week. He often comes home with gorey stories of people who have had their mouths bashed in with baseball bats and kids who have rotten candy teeth. Sometimes he smells like dental office....not my favorite smell in the world, but I'm sure I will one day come to love it. Or at least appreciate it.

I've been training for a triathlon again. I finally busted out my old bike and have started riding it to and from the train/work again. It's nice to feel the wind in my face again even if it is a short ride. I will have lots of weekends to take the bike down to the lake and ride around on the cycle paths there. I have yet to swim--the tricky thing is finding a pool not too expensive... but hey, I have until Sept 21 to get ready.

Evenings have started getting too hot again, I even broke down yesterday and turned on the air conditioner as soon as I got home. I always try to keep the air off for as long as possible, for two reasons 1. Saves money on electric bill. 2. Fresh air is good for you. But, there are times when I am extremely grateful we have AC. Like yesterday, when both my body and my mouth were sweating from the temperature and that Buffalo heat.

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