Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On Fish and drowning

Disclaimer: This is not an exciting blog post. I don't think I am an exciting person anymore. Seriously, the most exciting thing about this week is that I made lemon squares on Sunday and it is Tuesday and they are all gone because I live with a man who has the stomach of a whale and the metabolism of a cheetah. Also they are gone because they are delicious. But really, that's about it. I'm getting really good at sitting on my bum and watching Netflix shows until too late in the evening.

Honorable mention on my mind right now: Noah, the movie. WAS. TERRIBLE. Read Matt Walsh's blog about it. I agree with all he said.

3rd Runner up for my brain space: ...........boredom. Oh and it's raining right now. Will it deluge and last 150 days? I think not, but even if it did, I still wouldn't want to kill my family.

2nd Runner Up: Boredom. Is there anything more evil? Boredom sucks away at your brain, turning it into a sludgy quagmire. I had about an hour yesterday where I felt like I used my intellect, my good ideas and was able to participate in a healthy, robust discussion. I wish that I was busy--with efforts that were mentally engaging.

If you had to choose between being busy doing mindless nothings or having nothing to do but being forced to do it anyway, which would you choose?

1st Runner up: Fish. Smells. So. Bad. When. It. Gets. Microwaved. At. Work.

Seriously I'm gagging over here. It's not the fresh fish smell, that salty tang that blows off the sea. It's not even the smell of a can of just opened tuna. It's the smell that filled my dorm room freshman year when some friends put a dead fish on our ski shelf and it sat there for 3 days without us knowing why our room smelled so rotten.

The only positive part of that story is that we found the fish just before we both left for Thanksgiving Break.

Hoping that this weekend will bring more exciting events.


  1. I feel ya with the boredom. Working at the Marriott was generally +/- 2 hours of craziness followed by 6 1/2 hours of boredom. I got really good at searching every corner of Wikipedia.

    Please come visit and teach me lemon squares. I want to learn lemon squares.

  2. I'm laughing at this post now because of course the fish was making you sick because...you was preggers. And you're acting like you have now exciting events here because nobody knew...you was preggers.

    you're tricky. and funny. and I love you.