Monday, October 6, 2014

The woods are good for walking

Sometimes, when Jared needs a break, or he is done studying, we go for walks together. On one such walk, through a place called Lyman Woods, we were discussing the Canadian geese that fly through this area all fall long. 

Our conversation started off pretty normal, but then this happened.

Jared, observing a goose doing his business: "Oh man! I wish I could poop and fly!"
Me: "don't you think it would be good enough just to fly?"
Jared: "No, that'd be okay, but being able to poop and fly at the same time would be even better!"

Honestly, sometimes I swear I married a 4 year old. 

He's the best. 

#nofilter. I love this picture. 

Haley's favorite bug

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