Sunday, February 8, 2015

My addiction (maybe two)

I'll admit, I have a problem, and unfortunately for those few people that read this blog, that problem is not that I am addicted to blogging. Obviously.

A few days ago, after dropping Jared off at school I went to Costco. And shopped, and tried to breathe through my stuffy nose. That's not the story, just the set-up.

On the way home little Bru fell asleep. Suddenly I had a decision to make. I was rather loathe to head home immediately since I knew he would wake up as soon as I did. Since we had both been sick for nearly a week at this time, I wanted him to sleep and I wanted a break from baby entertaining. (mouth breathing makes me edgy). So about a mile before coming to our turn off, I decided to keep driving to the next exit for a Diet Coke w/lemon from McDonald's because double filtered water. I told myself, to justify my recent delight in DC's, that it would help prevent me from snacking, that it would hydrate me and because baby could sleep. Truthfully? I just really wanted one. My wanting for these has taken a significant jump since baby came out.

And then.

Decision made, I'm driving along the road and I see a lime green poster stuck in the snow. "It can't be for a yard sale," I thought. Too much snow. "Haha what if it says puppies?"


It Did!! Golden Retriever puppies for sale.

I nearly flipped a U right then and there and threw in the towel and shredded our contract agreement just so I could get a puppy. Because puppies are my addiction. I want a dog SOOOOO bad!! And everyone who knows me is sick of hearing about it, but I thought this story was funny, so there you have it.

I bought a Diet Coke instead.

So from now on, when I want a Diet Coke, it's cause I'm trying not to want a puppy.

This blog is also a plea to mother dearest to just breed that dog already and give me the offspring.


  1. Okay, our family is seriously obsessed with puppies, too! We have multiple email chains a week about them!

  2. If Jonathan read this out of context (minus the Bruce part) he would think it was from me. Head cold + DC + dog obsession = my life. And why I love you. Minus the cold, though. That's the worst!