Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shower the bride with gifts and goodies

One of my very best friends is getting married in October, and I went in with her older sister to throw her a bridal shower. It was a great success.

The gift theme was "Date Night". I thought this is perfect. Being newly married myself, we rarely go out on dates anymore. When we do it is always an adventure. I thought it a great idea to help a soon-to-be-couple still be able to go on dates (in or out, wink wink). What would you give someone for a date night? Some of the best gifts my friend received were a jar of date ideas and a piggy bank, a year membership to the aviary and zoo, and a fondue pot.

Food and decorations are as follows. My biggest hope was that she would feel 100% special at this party.

The sign says, Happily Forever After. 

 Chicken crossaintwiches. Perfect. Too many showers meet at odd times of day and provide too much sugar. Give them girls some sustenance!

My friend adores pumpkin, so I made these little beauties for her. Pumpkin cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting. Although a tad dark in the photo, over on the right are some seriously devilish home made cream puffs. If you ever have the chance to make these. Do it! Your mind will be BLOWN! And then you'll eat another one and POOF. Mind GONE and utter satisfaction.

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