Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You can never have too many Holloways

My brother in law just had a birthday. He turned 20 this year, and to celebrate, we feasted.

Jared and I celebrated first by going on an early morning run. We ran 45 minutes, which considering his recent accident (back in July when he AC III separated his shoulder. Yes, I did use a noun as a verb. Forgive me.) I thought the run was a grand success.

Then the family and we drove the scenic route to Snowbird ski resort to visit Oktoberfest. Great German food and music, lots of happy people, and fun music were everywhere.
 Brothers, you'll never guess what they will come up with next. My man is the one on the right. Lucky me eh?--------------->

Yes. Totally.

It's okay, he's a great dancer.

We feasted that day on brats and kraut, pickles, German chocolate cake, garlic fries and Liege waffles. Turns out they make these by washing the waffle iron in between waffles with a rag soaked in beer. That was one powerful waffle.

 We took the tram to the top for a breathtaking view of the mountain side. I'm not a skier, in fact I'm deathly afraid of skiing. And my family would know that is with good reason. Plus I look like a total idiot when I try. you know those pictures you see on pinterest and other social media sites with the hashtag or caption that says, FAIL. Someone would definitely make one of those with a picture of me skiing.

 This is apparently the highest tram in the West and Snowbird has the only ski tunnel in North America; a 600 ft long tunnel under the mountain (by 200 feet) that has a conveyor belt for your skis. It was excellent. Because I thought it was interesting, it wasn't operating that day.

Want to know a nerdy fact? See the shape of the valley, how it is shaped like a U? That is because it was carved by a glacier. If the valley were carved by a river it would be shaped like a V.

 See, Geography majors DO learn something in college...

Good thing I married me such a good man.

Family photo op! Just FYI, if you go to the top of Snowbird, take a jacket. It is FREEZING up there. And by freezing I mean 62 degrees.

Utah is a desert.

 Dinner that night was another feast. Have you captured a theme of our lives yet? I'll help you. Get together with family. Have a feast.
Went to Sweet Home Chicago for DEEP DISH dun dun dun.

 Even the birthday boy couldn't eat it all.

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